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In this add-on, you will create an alternate ending to your storyboard based on user input.

To do this, you will create a decision point in your story and create a new scene.

In an interactive story or game, a decision point let's the user decide what action the character will take next.

Such as whether it will turn right or left, swim the moat or climb the castle wall or fight an enemy or retreat.

First, choose the spot in your story where the decision point will be, then select the sprite there.

This example uses the third scene so that the user's decision will decide the story's end.

Next, decide what the decision point will be.

Will the sprite choose which way to move such as right or left?

Or will the sprite perform one action or another?

Then, ask the user to choose at any point in your scene.

Add an ask block to present the choice.

Detach the code below it.

Add an If-Else block under the Ask block.

Drag out an Equals block and add it to the If-Else block.

Add the answer variable in the first value of the Equals block.

In the other value, type in the decision.

Place the code you detached in the first part of the If-Else statement, test it out.

The story plays and the user answers a question.

Type in your response in the original ending place, it works.

Next, provide an alternate ending.

In this example, the backdrop of scene four changes depending on the user's decision.

To make a new scene, click on the Stage, then the Backdrop tab.

Right click the backdrop you are using and select Duplicate.

Click on Add and find a backdrop you like.

Click the new backdrop.

Edit the new backdrop to include a different scene.

The backdrop is much too big, drag the corner to make it slightly larger than a fourth of the stage.

Then, position the backdrop so that it doesn't overlap with the other scenes.

Zoom into the center to make the adjustment precise, nice.

Next, program the Else portion to make an alternate ending.

Based on the user's decision, come up with another storyline.

Place the blocks you use in the Else portion.

Once scene three ends, add a Broadcast block and create a new message.

Name it Alternate Ending.

Select your fourth scene sprite.

Drag out a When I Receive block and select Alternate Ending form the drop-down.

From the Looks menu, add a Switch Backdrop block and change the drop-down to the new backdrop.

At this point, add blocks to finish the story.

Use the characters that you have or make new ones to complete the story.

When you finish, a decision point will change the backdrop and the story based on the user's answer to a question.

(door creaking)

Now, it's your turn, program a decision point using Ask, Answer, Equals and If-Else blocks.

Create a new backdrop.

Program an alternate ending using Broadcast and Switch Backdrop blocks.

Choose an Add-On

Reveal the Frames
Alternate Ending
Music Scoring


  1. Watch the video to preview the add-ons.
  2. Choose an add-on, and click "watch" to learn how to build it.
  3. After you finish, come back to this page and try another one!