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arrow_back Studio Mascot


In this add-on, you will animate a character to go with your studio logo.

First, add new costumes to the Studio Logo sprite.

This example adds two dinosaur costumes.

Next, create another clone.

Duplicate the “if” loop, and change the value to the new costume.

Delete the code inside.

Test it to make sure the clones appear.

Set the size and starting location of your sprite.

To change the size, use the shrink tool in the costume editor, otherwise all of the other costumes shrink as well!

To set the starting location, you may have to “show” the sprite.

To make the new character animate, use a repeat loop inside of the newest if statement.

Use “switch costume” and “wait” blocks to animate the character.

If you have a more complex animation, consider building functions like you did in the Android Story project.

Test your code!

Remember to keep the animations short to fit with your studio logo animation!

Now, it’s your turn!

Add a new character to the studio logo.

Then, animate the character with multiple costumes.

Choose an Add-On
Add transition effects to your studio logo.
Spiral Effect
Make the logo spin into the screen.
Text Shadow
Add a shadow effect to the text.
Make something surprising happen.
Create your own introduction sound.
Studio Mascot
Animate a sprite as part of your logo.
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  1. Watch the video to preview the add-ons.
  2. Choose an add-on, and click "watch" to learn how to build it.
  3. After you finish, come back to this page and try another one!