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In this add-on, you will add a shadow effect to your studio logo text.

First, create a new costume for the sprite. Duplicate the main text costume. To make it easier to edit, make sure that the costume is in vector mode. Use the “duplicate” tool to make a copy of the words.

Next, click the “Flip up-down” button. This mirrors the words. Change the color to black to make it look like a shadow.

Next, add perspective to the text. Select the small box at the bottom of the text, and drag it upward on the screen to squish the text. Grab the small box on the right to stretch it out. Move the new text around the paint editor to a spot that looks right to you.

Next, add a light source to make the shadow. This example draws a yellow circle on the top left of the canvas. Then, delete the original text from your new costume, so you can program this new one to appear. If you have other text, duplicate the text onto this costume, and repeat the same steps.

Now, program the shadow costume to appear as part of the Studio Logo. Follow the same process as in the previous videos to make a new clone.

Add “switch costume” and “create clone” blocks.

Duplicate an “if” statement, change the value to the number of the new costume, and delete the code inside.

Remember, clicking the “show” block makes the sprite appear on the stage as you edit your code. Change to the correct costume, and position it on the screen using a “go to x y” block.

Next, program the sprite to appear. Use a “change effect” block inside a repeat loop. Place the loop inside the new “if” statement. Select “ghost” from the dropdown menu, and change the value to negative 10. Drag out a “set effect” block, and put it before the repeat loop. Change the values to “ghost” and “100.” Test it out.

When the program starts, the shadowed letters should appear.

Fix the timing of the animation by using a “wait” block after the “set effect” block, if needed.

Also, adjust the costume in the editor until the perspective is just right.

Now, it’s your turn.

Use the editor to make a shadow effect on the words.

Program the words to appear using “set effect” and “change effect” blocks.

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