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arrow_back Transitions


In this add-on, you will program all of your clones to fade at the end of the animation, creating a transition effect.

First, choose an effect.

Drag out a “change effect” block.

From the dropdown menu, pick an effect.

You may have to show the sprite to see what each does.

As you tinker, click the “clear graphic effects” block to reset the sprite to normal.

This example uses the pixelate effect and changes the value to 10.

Try out multiple “change effect” blocks, and tinker with the values to come up with something you like!

Add a repeat block around the “change effect” block.

Put it in your program under the “when I receive” block.

Now, it’s your turn.

Add a transition effect to the studio logo using “change effect” and “repeat” blocks.

Choose an Add-On
Add transition effects to your studio logo.
Spiral Effect
Make the logo spin into the screen.
Text Shadow
Add a shadow effect to the text.
Make something surprising happen.
Create your own introduction sound.
Studio Mascot
Animate a sprite as part of your logo.
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  1. Watch the video to preview the add-ons.
  2. Choose an add-on, and click "watch" to learn how to build it.
  3. After you finish, come back to this page and try another one!