In this video, you will make shadows of sprites show and hide themselves, after the scanner sprite completes it function.

Start this add on by making a black background.

Click on the stage and the backdrops tab.

Then, click paint new backdrop and pick the paint bucket icon and the color black.

Click on the stage to make it completely black.

Next, click choose new sprite from library, to add any new sprite to the stage.

This project uses the duck but you can choose any sprite.

If you test your project, it will look like nothing is happening.

However, when you move your sprite, you will see the sprites shadow.

That's neat!

To make the sprite disappear, after the program is run, use the hide and broadcast box.

Click on the new sprite and go to the looks menu.

Pull out the hide block.

Clicking this will make the sprite disappear from the stage.

To make the sprite reappear, use the show block from the looks menu.

Next, decide when the sprite should show and hide itself.

Use a when flagged clicked block with the show block, to make the sprite always show when the program is started.

However, how can you make the sprite hide itself, after the scanner sprite finishes scanning?

To do this, use a broadcast block.

Broadcast blocks send messages to other sprites, when they have run their code.

These messages tell the other sprites, when to start running their code.

Click on the scanner sprite and go to the events menu, pull out a broadcast block, connect it to the bottom of the stack and click on the drop down box, click new message and type in hide.

This means that after the scanner sprite finishes scanning, it will send or broadcast, the hide message to the other sprite.

The new sprite also needs to receive the selected message.

Click on the new sprite, go to the events menu, select the when I receive block and attach it to the hide block.

Change the value in the drop down menu to hide.

The blocks stack now reads, when I receive the hide message, hide.

Test your code by clicking the green flag.

Notice that your sprite appears, then disappears when the scanner sprite finishes scanning.

Now it's your turn!

Make a black background and add a new sprite.

Make the new sprite hide and show itself.

Use the broadcast block to send a message from the scanner sprite to the new sprite.

Choose an Add-On

Digital Shift

Apply the filter to other backgrounds!

Print Negative

Make complete shadows of new sprites.

Color Filter

Create a variety of color-changing effects.


  1. Choose an Add-On, and click "watch" to learn how to build it.
  2. Once you finish one Add-On, try another one below the video!