This add-on is very open ended.

In it you will be introduced to two blocks that you might find useful.

Hide and show.

In this example project, you don't see the sprite immediately and it disappears again later.

You can achieve this effect using the show and hide blocks.

The hide block makes a sprite disappear.

The show block makes it reappear.

In between showing and hiding you can make the sprites in your project do anything you want.

This example makes the sprite talk and spin.

You can use different events that make the sprites in your project hide and show.

Use your imagination.

Now it's your turn.

Use the show and hide blocks to make sprites in your card appear and disappear.

Choose an Add-On

Party Time!

Make sprites spin and change colors.

Now You See Me...

Using "show" and "hide" make the sprites in your project appear and disappear.

Stage Lights

Change the background based on user input.

Random Appearances

Make art elements appear randomly.

Triangles All the Way Down

Create a fractal with many little triangles.


Learn how to create spirals.


  1. Choose a recipient for your card, such as a parent, friend, or teacher.
  2. Craft and code a message for that person about CS First.
  3. Create art to enhance your card and show off what you've learned.
  • "Crowd down the street" by Guillaume ( -- Licensed by CC BY 2.0 ( -- Image scaled up, cropping edges
  • "Greetingcards" by Sotakeit ( -- Licensed by Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported ( -- Image scaled up, cropping edges