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In this add-on you'll create a dialogue between sprites.

Using what you've learned in this add-on you can tell a happy, funny, or even sad story about what's really happening in your painting.

For this add-on you'll need two sprites that can talk to each other.

If your project uses the screen painting add another sprite for the main character to interact with.

All the other projects should already have more than one character.

To make your sprites have a conversation you'll broadcast a message to the other sprite to tell it to start talking.

Select the sprite that will start your dialogue.

In this example the scream sprite says "AHHH".

Then click Events and drag out a broadcast block.

When this block runs it broadcasts a message that can tell other sprites to run code.

In this case it will tell the other sprites to run a say for two seconds block.

Click the drop-down and select New message.

Because this is the first message that you'll send, it makes sense to name it something like talk1.

Then select the sprite that should receive the talk1 message.

Drag out a when I receive block.

Make sure the message selected is talk1.

Then click Looks and add a say for two seconds block.

Write the next piece of dialogue for this sprite.

How should this sprite respond to what the first sprite said?

In this example the ghost one sprite would say "Oh no! Did I scare you?"

But you should use whatever dialogue that you want to create.

To test it, click the sprite with the first piece of dialogue.

Great! The first sprite talks, then broadcasts a message.

The next sprite receives it and begins to talk.

To continue this conversation broadcast new messages each time a sprite should talk.

Select Events and drag out another broadcast block.

Create a new message and call it talk2.

Then click the other sprite, drag out a when I receive block and make sure the message selected is talk2.

Then add a say for two seconds block and write the next piece of dialogue.

Click the sprite again to run this code.

Great it works!

You can continue to broadcast as many new messages as you'd like!

Use the say blocks to tell a story about what the characters in your paintings are going through.

If you were a character in your painting, what would you say?

Now it's your turn.

If you selected the screen painting, add another sprite, otherwise use the sprites already in your project.

After one sprite talks, broadcast a message called talk1.

For the other sprite receive the talk1 message and say the next piece of dialogue with a say block.

Continue to broadcast new messages to tell a story about what's happening in your painting.

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  1. Choose an Add-On, and click "watch" to learn how to build it.
  2. Once you finish one Add-On, try another one below the video!