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In this add-on, you will program the project to allow the user to do silly things to the painting.

First, make sure the full painting sprite is selected.

This ensures that you are making funny things happen to the painting and not the people in the painting.

From the looks menu, find the change color effect by block.

Click on it.

The painting changed colors slightly, this block has lots of other weird things it can do.

If you click on the dropdown, you will see all sorts of effects to play with.

Choose a new effect and click on the block to see what happens.

Try this with a few different effects.

To clear your changes, click the clear effects block.

Choose one effect you would like to use.

This example uses the whirl effect.

Drag the block into the scripts area and choose an event that will make that effect happen.

This example uses the key press event.

When the right key is pressed, the whirl effect changes by 25.

Typing in a negative number causes the effect to reverse.

Change whirl effect by 25, makes the whirl spin to the right for example, while change whirl effect by negative 25 makes the whirl spin to the left.

This example lets the user choose the direction by changing the whirl effect by 25 using the right arrow.

And minus 25 using the left arrow.

Decide what effect you'd like to use for your project.

And tinker with the code until it works the way you want it to.

Now it's your turn, choose a silly effect from the change effect by block and make it happen when a certain event, such as a key press occurs.

Choose an Add-On
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Create and animate new sprites from the painting.
Easter Egg
Make sprites appear when the mouse is clicked.
Traveling Paintings
Make sprites change from one painting to another.
Weird World
Make the painting background twist.
Tell A Story
Create dialogue between sprites. You can tell a happy, funny, or even sad story about what’s really happening in your painting.
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