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In the core project, you made the subject of the paintings mouth move.

In this add on, you will learn how to make other parts of the painting come to life when they are clicked.

First, create a sprite for another part of the painting.

To make sure this sprite blends in with the painting, create it from a copy of the painting.

To do that right click on the painting, then click duplicate.

This creates a sprite that is a copy of the entire painting.

Next, remove every part of the painting, except the one you want to make come to life.

Go to the costumes tab, select the paintbrush, and set it to invisible, by clicking the paint that has a red line through it.

If the paintbrush is too big to complete some of the little details on the painting, you can make it smaller.

When you've finished, you need to recenter the sprite.

To do that, place the center of the cross on the center of the sprite you made.

When you are finished with that, place the sprite on top of it's spot in the original painting on the stage.

Next you will program what this new sprite will do when it is clicked.

First, remove the code from the sprite you duplicated, then add the code for this sprite.

In this example, the pitchfork moves left and right.

You can make your bit of the painting do anything you want.

It might move in a different way, or even make a sound.

Use wait blocks to make the computer wait to execute the code until the user has had a chance to see what happens.

Test the code and tweak it until your sprite does what you want it to do.

Finally, add the when this sprite is clicked event block to the top of your code stack.

Test it.

When you click on the sprite it performs the action you programmed.

Now it's your turn, copy the painting sprite and use the paintbrush to remove all but one piece of the painting.

Move the remaining piece over it's original place in the painting, then program the sprite to do something.

Choose an Add-On

What else?

Create and animate new sprites from the painting.

Easter Egg

Make sprites appear when the mouse is clicked.

Traveling Paintings

Make sprites change from one painting to another.

Weird World

Make the painting background twist.

Tell A Story

Create dialogue between sprites. You can tell a happy, funny, or even sad story about what’s really happening in your painting.


  1. Choose an Add-On, and click "watch" to learn how to build it.
  2. Once you finish one Add-On, try another one below the video!