In this add-on, you'll turn the Mona Lisa into a boombox using a music loop and a fisheye effect.

This example project doesn't have any other code right now, but it's okay if your project has code.

You can program this add-on to work with your existing code.

To start, program a sound to play repeatedly.

Click the Sounds tab, and select Choose Sound from Library.

To find a sound that works well in a music loop, select the Music Loops category.

Select a sound you like.

(voice beatboxing rapidly)

(voice beatboxing)

Now program this sound to play.

Click the Sound menu.

Drag out a Play Sound Until Done block.

Make sure that the sound you chose is selected in the block, and click to run it.

(voice beatboxing)

To loop this, click Control and add a Forever block.

This will play the sound over and over until you click the stop sign.

Click to try it.

(voice beatboxing)

(voice beatboxing)

If the sound in your program isn't playing how you thought it would, make sure that you've added a Play Sound Until Done block, not a Play Sound block.

Great, now the sound is looping.

To run this code at the start of the program, add a When Flag Clicked block.

Next make it look like the painting is playing the music using a fisheye effect.

Click Looks and drag out a Change Color Effect By block.

Click to run it.

The Mona Lisa changed colors!

Click the drop-down to see all effects that you can use to change the appearance of a sprite.

Select Fisheye and click to run it.

To clear effects, drag out the Clear Graphics block and click to run it.

Clicking these two blocks repeatedly gives a sense of the boombox effect that you'll create.

As a computer scientist, you can program the computer to repeat these effects so you won't need to keep clicking.

Drag out a Forever loop and place the two effect blocks inside.

Click to run it.

Huh, it doesn't look like anything is happening.

This is because the computer is running the two blocks as fast as it can, so fast that you can't see the effects.

To fix this, program the computer to wait between changing the effects.

Click Control and add a Wait block.

Click to run it.

Tinker with the values in these Wait blocks to speed up or slow down the effects.


Now all that's left is to add a When Flag Clicked block to run the code with the music loop at the start of the program.

Try it out!

(voice beatboxing)

(voice beatboxing)

(voice beatboxing)

Now it's your turn.

Choose a sound from the Sounds tab and program it to play using the Play Sound Until Done block.

Use a Forever loop and a When Flag Clicked block to play the music loop for the entire program.

Use a Change Fisheye Effect block, Wait blocks, a Clear Graphics Effect block, and a Forever loop to create a boombox effect.

Add a When Flag Clicked block to get your boombox effect and the music to both happen when the flag is clicked.

Choose an Add-On

Art Expert

Add another sprite that describes your art piece. This sprite might even act surprised by what’s happening to the Mona Lisa!


Turn the Mona Lisa into a Boombox using a music loop and the fisheye effect.


Program the Mona Lisa to follow the mouse pointer and stamp when clicked. This will create a unique pattern on the stage.


  1. Choose an Add-On, and click "watch" to learn how to build it.
  2. Once you finish one Add-On, try another one below the video!