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In this video, you will control how your sprite moves by pressing keyboard keys.

In the project you made today, the sprite always moves towards the mouse-pointer.

This add on will make the sprite easier to control by making it move when the arrow keys are pressed.

First, remove the point towards mouse-pointer block, and set it aside.

Removing this block means that the sprite will move constantly, you just need to make it point in the right direction.

Go to the motion menu, and pull out the point in direction block.

If you click on the value box, you'll see some of the values are, 90 degrees right, negative 90 degrees, left, zero degrees, up, and 180 degrees, down.

You will match those directions with keyboard keys.

Go to the events menu, pull out the when key pressed block, and attach it to the point in direction block.

Next, choose the keys that will control your sprite.

Typically you use the arrow keys, but those are being used to change the speed.

Other keys you might use include A, S, W and D.

Now, match each direction with a key.

Select W for the key press, and match it with up in your point in direction block.

Test it to see if the sprite moves up when you press W.

To make the other keys function, right click on the stack and click duplicate.

This creates a new stack that you can match.

For example, choose A and point in direction, negative 90 left.

Test it to see if the sprite moves left.

Duplicate the stack again, and match S with down.

Duplicate the stack for the final time, and match D with right.

At any time, test the code to see if it works.

You should have four new stacks that allow you to control where the sprite moves by pressing the A, S, W and D keys.

When you're finished, add new instructions to the project page.

Under instructions, let the user know to move the sprite using W, A, S and D keys.

Now it's your turn.

Make Tera stop following the mouse by removing the point towards mouse-pointer block from the stack.

Create key press movements by making four new block stacks using when key pressed blocks and point in direction blocks.

Then finally, add instructions to the project page.

Choose an Add-On

Cool Effects

Change the the character sprite’s looks based on the mouse pointer’s position.

Elevator Music

Add background music to the project.

Tiny Tera--Giant Tera

Use arrow keys to make Tera grow and shrink on command.

Arrow Commands

Make the sprite move using the keyboard instead of the mouse.


Create another sprite that can collide with your character sprite.


Add your own costume to your sprite.


  1. Choose an Add-On, and click "watch" to learn how to build it.
  2. Once you finish one Add-On, try another one below the video!