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In this add-on, you will make the sprite change costumes on your command.

To do this, create multiple costumes for the sprite and add an event block so you can decide when to change the costume.

Think back to the penguin animation.

What blocks did you use to change costume?

What events can you use to make the sprite change costumes on command?

When you're finished, add new instructions to the project page.

Under instructions let the user know what events will cause the sprite to change costumes.

Now it's your turn.

Make the sprite change costumes when a certain event occurs using blocks that you've previously learned.

And finally add the necessary instructions to the project page.

Choose an Add-On
Cool Effects
Change the the character sprite’s looks based on the mouse pointer’s position.
Elevator Music
Add background music to the project.
Tiny Tera--Giant Tera
Use arrow keys to make Tera grow and shrink on command.
Arrow Commands
Make the sprite move using the keyboard instead of the mouse.
Create another sprite that can collide with your character sprite.
Add your own costume to your sprite.
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