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How your character interacts with and talks to others can reveal a lot about them.

Add another sprite to interact with your main character.

To begin, choose a new sprite.

Remember that your main character is a student who is missing an assignment. What happens next? Who do they meet, and how do they react to them?

It could be a teacher or a friend. Use your imagination and choose a new sprite.

Next, think about what this character will say when they meet the main character.

Add a few “say for 2 seconds” blocks from the Looks menu. Connect them.

When you click the block stack, the sprite says “hello” for 2, 4, 6 seconds!

Type in text that shows this character’s reaction when they meet someone new.

Add a “when flag clicked” event to test your code.

Hmmm. The characters are talking at the same time. That won’t work.

When one character is talking, the other character needs to wait.

Select the character you want to wait before responding. From the control menu, add a “wait” block and put it above the “say” blocks. Change the value to the number of seconds that the first character speaks. This example uses “7 seconds” but type the value that works best for your project. Test again. Your characters are now talking to each other instead of at the same time. Cool!

Continue the conversation between both characters by adding additional “say” and “wait” blocks. When you’re ready, come back to this page and add even more features to your story.

Choose an Add-On

Make Your Character Move
Add a Teacher or a Friend
Add an Interesting Object


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  1. Watch this video with your teacher.
  2. Open the starter project link below and add characters and dialogue.
  3. Watch the videos below to keep adding to your project.