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What your character says and does when an interesting object appears gives clues to their personality. Add an object to your story and make your character react to it! Can the object help your main character find or finish their assignment? Did the object eat the school assignment?

Start by choosing a sprite as your interesting object. You can even upload your own.

The new object appears on the stage. But it might not belong in the beginning of the story!

If you want, it could also appear later, at a better time for your character to react to it. To do this, add a “hide” block from the Looks menu. Add a “wait” block to tell your new sprite how many seconds it should wait before appearing. Then, add a “show” block to the bottom of the block stack.

Next, add a “when flag clicked” event so that each sprite follows the coding instructions when the green flag is clicked. Test your code. Great!

To make the object even more interesting, drag out a “change effect by” block from the Looks menu. You change the appearance of the object by selecting different effects from the dropdown list.

Click the block to see what it does. Each click changes the appearance of the sprite.

Try different effects to see what works best for your project. Nice.

To reset the effect, click the stop sign. You can even keep the effect going by adding a loop from the Control menu. Add additional blocks to program the story to work best for you Now test your code again - awesome!

Next, program your main character to respond to the object by adding additional “think” blocks. This is a chance for you to show more details about your character's personality.

Test your code again! Great! Add more to your project and your character's personality with add ons.

Choose an Add-On

Make Your Character Move
Add a Teacher or a Friend
Add an Interesting Object


Para hacer esta actividad en español, haz clic aquí.


  1. Watch this video with your teacher.
  2. Open the starter project link below and add characters and dialogue.
  3. Watch the videos below to keep adding to your project.