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Saving the world is easier when heroes work together.

In this video, you’ll add another character to your project to support your hero.

To begin, choose a sprite to be your hero’s helper.

Move your second sprite wherever you want on the stage.

Click on your new sprite.

Then, drag out as many say blocks as you want to make the sprite speak.

Update the text to make the sprite talk about how they work together with your hero.

Add a “when flag clicked” event from the Events menu to your “say” blocks.

Click the green flag to test.

Hmmm... the sprites speak at the same time.

Fix this by adding a “wait” block from the Control menu after the “when flag clicked” event for the new sprite.

Select your hero sprite, and look at the dialogue code to see how long your hero speaks.

This is how long your new sprite should wait before speaking. Select the new sprite again, and update the value in the “wait” block to match how long your hero speaks.

Test your code again.

Great job, it works!

If you would like to add another hero sprite that was created for this project, duplicate your hero sprite.

Then, select your duplicate sprite, and go to the costumes tab.

Choose a new costume to be your second hero.

Keep in mind that this new sprite has the same code as your hero sprite, so it will perform any actions you have programmed for your hero.

If you’d like to make this sprite talk, edit the “say” blocks and add a “wait” block.

Once you add a new sprite to your project, come back to this page to check out other videos to try!

Choose an Add-On

Start here
Move Your Hero

Make your hero move up and down when arrow keys are pressed.

Fly Over Buildings

Program buildings to move across the screen, so your hero appears to fly.

Add Background Music

Set the scene for your hero by adding sound to your project.

Show Off with a Super Spin

Help your hero do great things with this spinning move.

Keep Score

Create a game by programming your hero to collect objects.

Support Your Hero

Add another character to help your hero.

Draw Your Own Hero

Use the Paint Editor in Scratch to draw your own hero.


Para hacer esta actividad en español, haz clic aquí.


  1. Watch the introduction video.
  2. Open the starter project link and choose a sprite for your hero.
  3. Return to this page and watch more videos below.


  1. Visit the Hour of Code teacher resource page for instructions.