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Doodles can be illustrations, animations, and sometimes even games.

In this video, you will turn your logo into a chase game.

This game, a sprite follows the mouse pointer.

If it touches another sprite, a sound plays.

To start, select a sprite to chase the mouse pointer.

This example uses the letter G.

But you can use any sprite you'd like.

Next, program the sprite to point towards the mouse pointer.

Select the motion menu, click, hold, and drag out a point towards block.

To make the block run repeatedly, add a forever block from the control menu.

The forever block is a type of loop.

It runs the code inside forever, or until you click the stop sign.

Click the block to see what it does.

(upbeat music)


As you move the mouse pointer, the sprite changes directions.

Next, program the sprite to move forward.

Select the motion menu.

Add a move ten steps block inside the forever block.

Click to try it out.

(upbeat music)


This sprite points and moves towards the mouse.

Click the stop sign.

Next, program the sprite to play a sound when it touches another sprite.

From the control menu, click, hold, and drag out an if block.

The if block runs code if something happens.

In this example, the code runs if the sprite touches the color green.

You can use any sprite color you like for your project.

To make this happen, select the sensing menu.

Click, hold, and drag out a touching color block and add it to the if block.

Click the color swatch in the touching color block, and click a letter to choose a color.

To make the sprite keep sensing the color you choose, select the control menu, and drag out a forever block.

Place it around the if block.

Next, make a sound play if the sprite touches the color green.

Select the sounds tab.

Choose a sound from the library.

(upbeat music)


Then, select the sounds menu.

Click, hold, and drag out a play sound until done block and add it inside the if block.

Finally, select the events menu.

And add a one flag clicked block to both block stacks.

This block runs the code when you click the flag at the top of the stage.

Try it out.

(upbeat music)


You did it!

If the G sprite touches the color green, a sound plays.

To make your game more challenging, rearrange the sprites to create obstacles.

Now it's your turn.

Select a sprite.

Inside a forever loop, add a point towards and move block.

Inside another forever loop, add an if touching color and play sound until done block.

Add a one flag clicked block to both block stacks.

Once you finish these steps, return to this page to select another video.

(upbeat music)

Choose an Add-On

Change Color

Create an interactive logo by changing letter colors when a key is pressed.

Say Something

Tell a story with talking letters.

Switch Costume

Change the style of a letter each time it's clicked.

Add Backdrop

Add an image behind the logo.

Edit, Draw or Add Letters

Edit, draw, or add an image to change how a letter looks.

Jumble Letters

Make your letters randomly move across the screen.


Turn your logo into a game where a letter chases the mouse pointer.


Make a letter spin.

Change Scene

Add a button that changes the scene behind your logo.

Dance Whirl

Make your letters whirl to music.

Bouncing Sprites

Animate your letters to make them bounce.

Disappearing Sprites

Play a sound as a letter disappears.


  1. Watch the introduction video.
  2. Open the Starter Project below.
  3. Return to this page and watch more videos to customize your logo.
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