Characters often change facial expressions, gestures, and appearance as they speak.

This helps the audience understand the story better.

You can change your sprite's costume, or appearance, to go with your sprite's dialogue and help tell your story.

There are many different ways to edit the costume of a sprite, Like: Uploading a picture from your computer, Painting a new costume, Or, Editing an existing costume Explore the editor tools to create a new look for your character.

Rename your costume so you can easily use it in your story.

In your program, add the “switch costume to” block to different times in your project to edit the look or actions of your characters.

Add more costumes, “switch costume” blocks, and dialogue to your program!

Test your code often to make sure the character appearances are in the right order.

Share your story and what you’ve programmed with a neighbor!

Choose an Add-On

Add Music to Your Story
Add a Third Sprite
Switch Backdrops
Change Costumes


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  1. Watch this video with your teacher.
  2. Open the starter project link below, add a backdrop and sequence a conversation between two characters.
  3. Watch the videos below to keep adding to your project.