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arrow_back Animate Trophy (Challenge)


Welcome to the trophy challenge add-on.

This add-on will help you plan coding your trophy to perform an animation during your program.

This video will give you some suggestions to help you get started but it's up to you to use your creativity and your computer science skills to complete this add-on on your own.

Click on the trophy sprite and add all of your code here.

Use a when flag clicked and go to block at the start of your program to make the trophy begin at the same place every time the green flag is clicked.

Use different motions and looks blocks to animate your trophy.

Remember to use the broadcast and when I receive blocks to prompt your trophy to perform an action when it receives the broadcasted message you coded.

If your trophy is showing in front of, or behind a sprite you can click the go back layers multiple times to move it behind.

Or type negative one to move it forward.

In this example the trophy glides, spins, and says, "The End."

Be creative and code something you like then share it with your neighbor.

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Code your trophy to do an animation during your program.
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