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This add-on will walk you through programming a balloon celebration when the space bar is clicked.

To start, add a new balloon sprite from the sprite library.

Next, program the balloon to float from the bottom of the stage to the top.

Drag out a go to block from the motion menu and set the Y value to a number that's close to the bottom of the stage like -180.

Next, add a glide block to the go to block.

The Y value should be a number close to the top of the stage like positive 180.

Test it out.


The balloon is a little large.

Use the set size to block to change the size of the balloon when it appears on stage.

100% is the original size, so numbers smaller than this like 70% will make all of the balloons 70% of the original balloon size.

Make sure to test your code often to see if it's working the way you'd like it to.


It works!

Now, program multiple balloons to appear when the space key is pressed.

Drag out a when space key pressed block from the events menu.

Then add a create clone of myself block from the control menu to the space key event.

Recall that an earlier screen cast, clones are created for the models to come on stage.

For this example, you'll create clones or duplicates to have multiple balloons appear.

To make the clone do something, add a when I start as clone block from the control menu.

Press the space bar to test.


Now, to have multiple balloons appear, add a forever loop around the create clone of myself block.

Press the space bar.


Add a wait block inside the forever loop so the balloons don't come out all at once.

Tinker with this value.

This example uses 0.3.

Now the balloons are all going up in a straight line.

Fix this using a pick random block from the operator's menu.

Add the pick random block to the X value in the glide block.

Change the range to -240 and 240.

This is the width of the stage.


Now, the balloons go to random directions and this looks more natural.

Now there's another problem.

All of the balloons are getting stuck at the top of the stage.

This can potentially slow down and overwork your computer.

To fix this, use a delete this clone block.

This block, is a control block and it's the only way to delete a clone with code.

Add a forever loop around the motion blocks for the balloon, and add a delete this clone block at the bottom of the forever loop.


To make the balloons appear to be different colors, add a change color effect block after the create clone of myself block.

Now, there's a balloon celebration with different colors.

Finally, add hide and show blocks to hide the balloon sprite until the celebration starts.

Drag out a hide block from the looks menu and place a when flag clicked block above it.

Then add a show block to the when I start as a clone block stack to make the balloon clones appear.


Now it's your turn.

Add a new balloon sprite then code the sprite to forever go from the bottom of the stage to the top of the stage, using a forever loop and go to, glide, set size, and delete this clone blocks.

Make sure to add a when I start as clone block, then code the balloon celebration to start when the space key is pressed, adding a forever loop and a create clone of myself, change color effect, and a wait block.

Tinker with the values and consider using pick random blocks in other places.

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  1. Choose an Add-On, and click "watch" to learn how to build it.
  2. Once you finish one Add-On, try another one below the video!
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