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In this add-on you'll change your models and their wardrobes.

To start, select the model sprite in the costumes tab.

To create a new costume for a model, right click on a costume and select duplicate.

Great, now you have a copy of the model.

Use the tools in the Paint editor to make changes to your model's wardrobe.

You can modify your sprite however you'd like.

This example will show you how to change and add color and move and reshape parts.

To change the color of the sprite's wardrobe, use the paint bucket tool.

If you don't see the color you want to use, click on the color spectrum square to find one that works for you.

To move and edit smaller parts of the sprite, zoom into the Paint editor.

This will make it easier to work with smaller shapes.

Click the select tool, then the sprite.

To work with separate pieces of the sprite, click the ungroup tool to ungroup the shapes.

You may need to click ungroup more than once to separate the shapes.

Cool, use these tools to tinker with the model's costume to change it's appearance.

This example changes the dress to a shirt and adds white pants.

If you make a mistake or create something you don't like, don't worry, click the undo tool to fix it.


Another cool tool you can use to change the appearance of a sprite is the reshape tool.

Duplicate another costume.

This example copies the soccer player.

Click the reshape tool, then click the area you want to change.

This example works with the soccer player's beard.

Drag the points to edit the shape and create a custom look.

This example also uses the reshape tool to make the pants less jagged at the bottom.

Click the ungroup tool again to modify the outfit and the paint bucket tool to modify the sprite's costume.

When you click the flag to test, your newly added wardrobe customizations appear in your fashion show.

Now it's your turn.

Duplicate a costume for your model sprite, and edit the wardrobe using the tools in the Paint editor.

Fill colors with the paint bucket, ungroup shapes to modify them, and use the reshape tool to customize different shapes.

Choose an Add-On

Theme Music

Add music to your program that will play while your models walk in the fashion show.

Model Sashay

Program your model to sashay when it reaches the middle of the stage.

Customize Wardrobe

Customize the wardrobe of your models.

Balloon Celebration (Challenge)

Program a balloon celebration during your fashion walk.


  1. Choose an Add-On, and click "watch" to learn how to build it.
  2. Once you finish one Add-On, try another one below the video!
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