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In this video, you'll make the picture the Imaginator chooses for your friend's future grow and shrink.

First, make this sprite grow.

Click on the home sprite, click on the looks menu, click the change size by block.

The home gets bigger.

To make the sprite get smaller again, place a negative sign in front of the number in the change size by block.

Click on the block again.

The home sprite shrinks back to its original size.

Drag out two change size by blocks.

Place the same number in both blocks, but make one positive and one negative.

The change size by block changes the sprite size one time.

To make the sprite change sizes many times, so it looks like it's growing bit-by-bit, use a loop.

Place a loop around the change size by block that has a positive value.

In today's project, you use a repeat until loop to keep the future choices cycling until your friend pressed a key.

In this case, the sprite will grow a specific number of times until it reaches a size you like.

Place a repeat loop around the change size by block to make that happen.

Click on the block.

The home gradually gets larger.


Next, place the repeat loop around the negative change size by block.

Click on it.

The home sprite shrinks gradually.


Tinker with the values in the blocks to change the number of times the sprite grows and shrinks.

Finally, place this code after the repeat until loop.

Click the flag.

When you press the space bar, the home sprite the Imaginator chose should grow and shrink.

Then the job sprite should start spinning.

Follow these same instructions to make the job sprite grow and shrink as well.

Now it's your turn.

Make the sprite grow and shrink using change size by block.

Make the sprite change size gradually by adding a repeat loop around the change size by blocks.

Add the new code after the repeat until loop in your project.

Choose an Add-On

A Bigger Future
Add Another Image (Part 1 of 2)
Add Another Image (Part 2 of 2)
Program Introduction


  1. Choose an Add-On, and click "watch" to learn how to build it.
  2. Once you finish one Add-On, try another one below the video!
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