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arrow_back Add Another Image (Part 1 of 2)


This video will show you how to add your own pictures to the home and job sprites.

To start click on the “costumes” tab.

There are three ways to add images and costumes: Upload images from your computer.

Add costumes from the library, or Paint your own costumes.

To upload an image from your computer, click the “upload costume from file” icon.

For more information about downloading and uploading images watch the “uploading and downloading images” linked on the add-ons page.

Once you’ve uploaded a new image, center it using the “center” tool in the paint editor.

Click the cross-hair icon to select a new center position for the image.

If the image is too large use the “shrink” tool to make it smaller, so it fits nicely in your project.

To add a costume from Scratch’s library to the home or job sprites, click “add sprite from library.”

Click on a sprite, then click ok.

The rest of this video will show you how to draw your own sprite.

To create your own sprite, click on the “paint your own sprite” icon.

Here you’ll find a lot of tools.

The paintbrush tool allows you to draw.

To change the size of the paintbrush, use the sizing tool.

To change the color, use the color selector at the bottom of the screen.

Use the “undo” button to undo anything you don’t like.

Computer scientists make mistakes all the time, and they use those errors as ways to figure out how to do better next time.

To delete a whole costume, click the x in the top right corner.

To copy a costume, right click on it, and select duplicate.

Then, you can draw on the copy as well as the original.

Have fun exploring the drawing tools available in Scratch!

Now it’s your turn: Personalize your Imaginator with your own costumes.

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A Bigger Future
Add Another Image (Part 1 of 2)
Add Another Image (Part 2 of 2)
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