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Stories can take place in more than one location.

To change locations in your story, first, add another backdrop.

You can choose a new backdrop from Scratch's library, or create your own.

To create your own, click the paint new backdrop icon under the Stage.

This will open up the Paint Editor where you can build a backdrop using circles, rectangles, lines, or just painting.

The paint bucket allows you to splash a whole section with color.

To program the backdrops to change, click on the sprite that will tell the backdrop when to change.

From the Looks menu, place a switch backdrop to block anywhere in the block stack that you want to change the backdrop.

From the dropdown, select the new backdrop.

Click on the flag to test the code.

The first time the backdrop changes properly.

Click on the flag again, however, the backdrop starts on the second backdrop.

To fix this, from the Looks menu, place a switch backdrop to block just under the when flag clicked block.

Select the first backdrop from the dropdown.

Test the code again.

The backdrop starts with the first backdrop then changes when it's told.

Great, now it's your turn.

Add a new backdrop, then program the backdrop to change to the new one using switch backdrop to.

Finally, program the story to start using the switch backdrop to block just under the when flag clicked block.

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Changing Backdrops and Costumes
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Animate sprites by creating new costumes.
Secret Password
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