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In this add-on, create a soundtrack for your scrapbook.

Make the music play throughout the project.

There are a few ways you can make this happen.

One way is to use a sound or beat already in Scratch.

First, click on the stage.

Go to the sounds tab, and select “choose sound from library.”

Click on “music loops.”

Here you can sample available tracks.

Choose one, and click OK.

Switch back to the scripts tab.

Drag out a “play sound until done” block, and place it in a forever loop.

Add a “when flag clicked” block.

The music should now play throughout the project.

[music plays] Another way to add music to your project is to create your own beat using the sounds menu.

You can make a beat with the “play drum” block.

Select the type of drum you want from the dropdown menu, and adjust the length of the beat.

Pull out a few more blocks, and put them into a repeat loop.

Then, your beat will play over and over.

[drums play] You can also create your soundtrack using the “play note” block.

From the dropdown menu, select what note you want to play.

Use the “set instrument to” block to pick different instruments to play the note.

Use a repeat loop to make them play over and over.

Tinker with this code until you have something that you like.

Be sure to add a “when flag clicked” block.

Play with the other “sound” blocks to make a soundtrack for your scrapbook memories.

Computer scientists don't always know the right code ahead of time.

They often experiment by tinkering with their code until they have something they like.

Remember, if you don’t know what a block does, you can use the “block help” tool at the top of the screen.

Now it’s your turn!

Use “sound” blocks to make a soundtrack for your scrapbook.

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