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In this add-on, you’ll animate the thumbs holding the cell phone.

First, click the “thumbs” sprite, then go to the costumes tab.

There are a few sets of hands here, and each costume in a set has a different hand position.

Choose a costume to use for your project.

Remember the name of the costume, then go to the “scripts” tab, and pull out a “switch costume” block from the “looks” menu.

Choose the first costume in the set you selected from the dropdown menu.

This example uses “hands a1.”

To make the thumbs look like they’re texting, switch quickly between the three costumes.

Pull out two more “switch costume” blocks, and select the other two matching costumes from the dropdown menu.

Snap the three “switch costume” blocks together, with a “wait” block after each “switch costume” block.

Click the stack to test it out.


The thumbs animate.

Tinker with the value in the wait blocks to speed up or slow down the animation.

Then, add a “forever” block around these blocks so that the animation loops.

Next, animate the hands when the “you” sprite types the text message.

Select the “you” sprite.

Drag out a “broadcast” block, and put it under the “define text message” block.

Make a new message called “ start texting.”

In the thumbs sprite, add a “when I receive” block to the top of the stack, and change the message to “start texting.”

Click the flag to test it.

Now, every time the procedure runs, the hands animate.


The hands nevers stop texting!

To make them stop, use more “broadcast” blocks.

Select the “you” sprite, and add another “broadcast” block to the bottom of the “text message” procedure.

Make a new message called “stop texting.”

In the thumbs sprite, drag out a “when I receive” block, and change the dropdown to “stop texting.”

From the control menu, drag out a “stop” block.

Choose “other scripts in this sprite” from the dropdown.

Click the flag to test again.


The thumbs text only when words are appearing.

Next, choose a sound to go with the animation.

Click the “sounds” tab.

This sprite comes with a few different texting sounds.

Click the “play” button to hear each one.

Return to the “scripts” tab, and click the “sound” menu.

Drag out a “play sound until done” block.

Select a sound from the dropdown menu.

Click this block to test.

[phone tapping sound] Cool!

The sound plays.

Put a “forever” block around it to make the sound loop.

Test again to make sure it works.

[phone tapping sound] To make the sound play while the thumbs animate, add a "when I receive start texting" block above the "forever" loop.

Click the flag to test.


Notice that when the sprite receives the "stop texting" message, the sound stops as well.

Now, it’s your turn!

Select the thumbs sprite, and choose a set of costumes.

Animate them using “switch costume,” “wait,” and “forever” blocks.

Broadcast a message to start texting using a “broadcast” block and two “when I receive” blocks.

Broadcast a message to stop texting using the “broadcast,” “when I receive,” and “stop” blocks.

Play a texting sound using the "when I receive," “play sound until done," and “forever” blocks.

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Program a welcome screen for your phone.
Welcome Screen (Part 2 of 2)
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Animate the thumbs holding your phone.
Later That Day
Add a second scene in which the sprites will interact outside the text conversation
Broken Screen
Add a broken screen game feature to your animation.
Answer the Phone Call
Create an incoming call notification so the user can answer the phone.
Animate an accessory, like headphones or phone cases, to express yourself.
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