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In this video, you’ll create a title page for your Two Truths and a Lie project.

First, create the title page.

Click on the “stage” in the sprites menu.

Click on “Backdrops,” then choose “paint new backdrop.”

Tinker with the tools available to create a fun title page that makes your friend want to play the game.

This example uses the paint bucket to fill the entire stage with one color, then uses the text tool to write the name of the game and give instructions.

You can also paint with the paintbrush and draw lines, circles, and rectangles.

Change the color using the “color selector” at the bottom of the page.

Name your new backdrop “title page.”

Next, make the backdrop you created the first one your friend sees.

Click on the “scripts” tab.

To make the backdrop switch, from the “looks” menu, drag out the “switch backdrop to” block.

From the dropdown menu, select “title page” The title page will show for a little while, then change to the Two Truths and a Lie backdrop.

To program that timing, from the “control” menu, place a “wait” block under the “switch backdrop to” block.

From the “looks” menu, place another “Switch backdrop to” block under the “wait” block.

Tinker with the value in the wait block until the title page is on as long as you want it to be.

Click on the code to test it.

the title page shows first, then the two truths and a lie backdrop.


Next, tell the program when to show the title page.

From the “events” menu, place a “when flag clicked” block on top of the code stack.

Click the flag.

The title screen shows, but the sprite also starts talking.

Make the sprite hide and wait to show up until after the Title Screen shows.

Click on the sprite.

From the “looks” menu, place a “hide” block under the “when flag clicked” block.

From the “control menu,” place a “wait” block under the “hide” block.

Make the wait time the same as the wait time between backdrops..

This example waits 4 seconds.

From the “looks” menu, place a “show” block under the wait block.

Test the code.

When the flag is clicked, the sprite hides, waits 4 seconds, shows, then starts talking.

Nice job!

That’s a fun way to introduce this game for your friend.

Now it's your turn: Create a title sceen backdrop.

Make the program switch to this backdrop, then to the Two Truths and a Lie Backdrop using “switch backdrop to,” “when flag clicked,” and “wait,” blocks.

Then, make the sprite “hide” when the flag is clicked “wait” while the title screen shows, then “show.”

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