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In this video, you will learn how to program a “scary” sprite that you and your friend will run away from during the game.

If either you OR your friend touches this sprite, it will subtract points from your score.

First, choose a sprite to be the scary object.

There are a few ways to add a new sprite to your project.

You can choose one from Scratch’s library, paint one, or copy an existing sprite and edit it.

To copy an existing sprite, right click on it, and select “duplicate.”

Then, edit the sprite in the paint editor.

Check out the “designer” add-on for more information about how to edit sprites.

This example will use a bat from Scratch’s library.

The programming for this sprite is a lot like the programming for the bonus sprite, so you can use the same code to save time.

Click on the bonus sprite.

Drag the code from the bonus sprite over to the new sprite in the sprites area.

This sprite will score differently from the bonus sprite, however, so remove the “if” statement that contains the scoring code.

From the “control” menu, drag out a new “if/then” block.

To win points with the bonus sprite, both you and your friend had to touch it.

This new sprite will subtract points if either you or your friend touches it.

From the “operators” menu, place an “or” block in the “if/then” block.

From the “sensing” menu, drag out two “touching” blocks, and place them on each side of the “or” block.

From the dropdown, select “blue android” on one menu, and “yellow android” on the other.

Next, program what will happen if the danger sprite is touching either the blue or yellow android.

The score will go down.

From the “data” menu, drag out the “change score by” block, and place it inside the “if/then” block.

Place the number that will get subtracted from the score in the box.

This example uses negative 5.

Just like with the stars, this sprite, should disappear after either the blue or yellow android touches it.

From the “control” menu, place the “delete this clone” block after the "change score by” block.

Finally, place the “if” statement inside the forever loop that makes the sprite fall.

Test the code by clicking the green flag and playing the game.

Try catching the danger sprite with the blue android.

The score should decrease.

Try catching the next one with the yellow android.

The score should go down again.

Try catching it with both at once.

The score decreases.


Now it’s your turn: Add a new “danger sprite.”

Copy the code from the bonus sprite, then delete the scoring code.

Make this sprite score using “if,” “or,” “touching,” and “Change score by” blocks.

Finally, put this new block inside the falling forever loop.

Choose an Add-On
It's How You Play the Game
Add a winning condition to your game.
Danger Sprite
Add a sprite that causes you to lose points if you or your friend touches it.
Learn how to design the sprites.
Blocking (Part 1 of 2)
Force the players to jump over each other.
Blocking (Part 2 of 2)
Force the players to jump over each other.
Make Noise
Add sound to your project.
Hello Friend
Make the sprites react when they touch each other.
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  2. Once you finish one Add-On, try another one below the video!