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arrow_back Add Another Cave Section


The cave in this game is pretty short. This screencast will show you how to create and add another cave. First, the new cave section needs to exist.

To create a new cave section, click on the paint a new sprite icon under the stage The program checks if the sprite is touching black to see if the game should end. Therefore, make sure to outline the cave sections you build in black.

Also, make sure to minimize the drawing area so you can paint on the entire stage.

Use a circle drawing tool to make your rocks.

Then, use the reshape tool to shape your rocks into any size you would like.

You can fill them in using nay color you want. This example uses yellow.

Now, this cave sprite needs to be programmed to line up with the other cave sprites.

Rather than creating new code for this section, you can copy the code from another cave sprite.

Click on the scripts menu, and remember, duplicating and reusing code saves computer scientists like you, a lot of time!

The first number in this equation is the number of the cave. In this example, the new cave will be set to the number three, that way the last cave still has a finish line. Try it out!

Whoa, the third and fourth caves are running on top of each other. To fix that, make sure the last cave is programmed using the number 4.

Choose an Add-On
Make Your Own Music
Add a drum beat and background music to your game.
Add Another Cave Section
Design a new cave sprite with black edges and add it to your game.
Make the Game Harder
Make the player press the spacebar over and over to keep the sprite in flight.
Dangerous Cave Walls
Make the player sprite explode when it touches the walls of the cave.
Add Another Level
Create additional game levels that get faster and harder as the player progresses.
Make the sprite dive, or move down faster than it falls.
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  1. Choose an Add-On, and click "watch" to learn how to build it.
  2. Once you finish one Add-On, try another one below the video!