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In this add-on, you’ll use the vector editing tools in Scratch to customize your android or draw your own character. To start, click on the costumes tab.

To change the shape of the android, click to select it. To separate the android into different parts, click the “ungroup” tool. Now, you can click and edit each part individually.

For example, drag the handle to rotate the arm, or resize it by dragging the corners.

If you make a mistake, that’s okay! Just click the “undo” button.

Click the android’s head. An orange border appears, so you can further ungroup this shape.

Click the “ungroup” tool again to edit more shapes, like the eyes and antenna.

Next, edit the other android costumes. The clothes and hair can all be changed. To change the color of something, click the “color a shape” button, select a color, and click on the shape. To move an item from one android costume to another, copy and paste it. Select the item you want to copy, hold the command or control button on your keyboard, and press the “C” key. Then, navigate to the other costume, hold command or control again, and tap the “V” key.

You can also draw your own costume! Click “paint new costume,” then click “convert to vector” in the lower right corner to use the tools you learned about in this add-on.

Learn more about bitmap editing in the “Creating Bitmap Characters” add-on.

Experiment with the drawing tools to create your character. Start by drawing a simple shape, like an ellipse, then use the reshape tool to edit it.

Use the stamp tool to copy an object. Click the tool, then click a shape or object to copy. There’s a lot you can draw using simple shapes.

Be creative, and have fun! Now, it’s your turn!

Personalize the android sprite using vector tools, or draw your own sprite to incorporate in your project.

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Vector Characters
Learn about vector graphics, and edit or draw your own costume.
Bitmap Characters
Learn about bitmap graphics and draw your own pixel character.
Adding Sound
Add video game sound effects or music to your project.
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