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One way to make this game more challenging is to make the platforms move. This screencast will walk you through the steps, then you can make your own moving platforms.

Start by experimenting with ways to get the platform to move from one position to another.

Click on the platform sprite that you want to move, and on motion.

As you’ve seen, there are many different ways to move a sprite. In Computer Science, there are usually lots of solutions to a problem. As a computer scientist, it’s your job to choose the one that you think works best. For example, you could use a “glide” block.

Or, you could move the sprite to the position that you want it to glide to, then drag out the block.

Now, no matter where the sprite is, when this code runs, the sprite glides to that position.

When this code runs now, the sprite glides to the first position that you set, then the second one.

Adding a forever loop and a “green flag clicked” block to your code will ensure the sprite repeats this gliding movement for the entire game.

Remember, you can get this sprite to move using whichever blocks you like. If you want the sprite to do something other than a glide movement, like turn, then choose the correct blocks to solve that problem.

Choose an Add-On
Time to Celebrate!
Create a wild winning celebration using some of these ideas.
Moving Platforms
Make your game more challenging by creating moving platforms.
Shrinking Platforms
Create a shrinking platform to increase your game's difficulty.
Splash! You Lose
Create a way for the player to lose in your game.
Add Some Tunes
Add some background music to your game.
Bug Fix: Land on Your Feet...or Not
Fix the bug that allows things other than a sprite's feet to keep it on a platform.
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