In this ad-on, you'll program the platforms to move to make your game more challenging.

Click on the platform sprite that you want to move, then the Motion menu.

Add a glide block.

Now, no matter where the sprite is, when this code runs, the sprite glides to that position.

Next, drag the sprite to a second position and add another glide block.

When the code is read, the sprite glides to the first position that you said, then the second one.

Add a forever loop and a when flag clicked block tour code to make the platform sprite repeat this gliding movement for the entire game.

Test it out.


Now it's your turn.

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Time to Celebrate!

Create a wild winning celebration using some of these ideas.

Moving Platforms

Make your game more challenging by creating moving platforms.

Shrinking Platforms

Create a shrinking platform to increase your game's difficulty.

Splash! You Lose

Create a way for the player to lose in your game.

Add Some Tunes

Add some background music to your game.

Bug Fix: Land on Your Feet...or Not

Fix the bug that allows things other than a sprite's feet to keep it on a platform.


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