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Cassy's having a good time dancing but wouldn't it be cooler if she was somewhere fun?

You can change where Cassy's dancing by adding a background.

First, click on the stage then click on the backdrop's tab.

Once there click on the chose from the backdrop library icon.

Chose any backdrop you want for your dance party from this backdrop library.

Now Cassy has the cool place to dance.

(upbeat music)

Make it even cooler by adding multiple backdrops that change during the dance party.

Do this, chose another backdrop from the library.

After you add your second backdrop, make sure that backdrop is selected and go to the look to menu and drag out a next backdrop block.

You can test out this block by clicking on it.

Awesome. The background changed.

To make the backdrop change again and again, use forever loop from the control menu.

Place the forever loop around the next backdrop block.

Let's test out this code.

The background changing pretty fast which is pretty cool, but you might chose to add a wait one second block after the next background block to slow it down.

That's better.

'cause you do not want Cassy to dance in a white background.

Let's delete it.

You can do this by clicking on the backdrops tab, selecting the white backdrop, and finally clicking the X.

Now to make the backdrop change when the dance party starts, add a one green flight quick block to the top of your block stack.

Great. Now when you click on the green flag Cassy dances and the backdrop changes.

Add more backdrops change the wait time and make it your own.

Now it's your turn. Add at least two backdrops and make it so the backdrop changes forever when the green flag is clicked using these blocks.

Choose an Add-On

Invite Friends to the Dance Party

Add another sprite to the dance party for Cassy to dance with.

Add and Change the Backdrop

Add new backdrops so that Cassy can dance around the world.

Do the Twist

Add a graphic effect that makes Cassy look like she is twisting.

Tell a Story

Add a story to your dance party using the "say" block.

Choose the Music

Add extra music to your dance party and allow the user to control the song that plays.

Bust a Move

Let the user turn the dancer by pressing different keys.


  1. Choose an Add-On, and click "watch" to learn how to build it.
  2. Once you finish one Add-On, try another one below the video!