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In this add-on you use the whirl graphic effect to make it look like Cassy, or any sprite, is twisting.

You've already got Cassy dancing, so it only take a few more blocks to make her whirl and twist.

Click on the Looks menu and drag out one of the "change color effect by 25" blocks into your scripts area.

Note that this block has a drop-down menu indicated by a little arrow.

Click on it to see multiple graphic effects including fish eye, pixelate, mosaic, brightness, ghost, and the one we're looking for, whirl.

Select whirl from the drop-down menu.

Click this block and see what happens.

Cassie (mumbles) twisted and changed.

Notice that the graphic effect is still showing up on her costume.

You can make it so Cassy's costume returns to normal by dragging out another "change whirl effect" block.

Setting it to -25 and adding it to the block stack below the "change whirl effect" block.

Test your code.

It doesn't look like Cassy changed because the change whirl effect is happening so fast you can't see the effect.

To see Cassy twist and untwist, add a weight block between the "change whirl effect" blocks.

Great, now you can see Cassy twist and untwist.

Sometimes it can be hard to tell why a code is behaving a certain way like when Cassy was not twisting.

Don't be afraid to add other blocks to the code even when you don't know the perfect fix.

Computer scientists don't always know the answer before they start trying possible fixes.

You're almost ready to add this code to Cassy's dance sequence.

All you need to do is add another "wait one second" block after Cassy's untwist.

This will cause Cassy to pause before her next move.

That way you can see all of her dance moves.

Add this block stack anywhere we want in Cassy's dance sequence.

I'm gonna have Cassy twist at the beginning of her dance, but you can add these blocks wherever you want in your dance.

Test it out by clicking the green flag and see what happens.

(upbeat dance music)

Now it's your turn.

Add two "change whirl effect" blocks.

One to make Cassy twist and to make Cassy untwist.

Add two "wait" blocks, one after each "change whirl effect" block, and add this block stack to Cassy's dance wherever you want her to twist.

Choose an Add-On

Invite Friends to the Dance Party

Add another sprite to the dance party for Cassy to dance with.

Add and Change the Backdrop

Add new backdrops so that Cassy can dance around the world.

Do the Twist

Add a graphic effect that makes Cassy look like she is twisting.

Tell a Story

Add a story to your dance party using the "say" block.

Choose the Music

Add extra music to your dance party and allow the user to control the song that plays.

Bust a Move

Let the user turn the dancer by pressing different keys.


  1. Choose an Add-On, and click "watch" to learn how to build it.
  2. Once you finish one Add-On, try another one below the video!