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Cassie has a beat playing in the background and a good rhythm going.

But dancing is more fun when you do it with a partner.

In this add-on you will add another sprite to the dance party for Cassie to dance with.

Watch the first part of the screen cast to learn how to do this, then try it on your own.

You will add another sprite and reuse your code blocks from Cassie to get the second sprite dancin'.

First, choose another sprite by clicking add sprite.

This example uses Dan but you can choose whichever sprite you want.

Your dance partner will look best if you pick a sprite that has more than one costume.

To see how many costumes a sprite has click on the costumes tab near the very top.

As you can see, Dan has two costumes which means he will look like he is moving, just like Cassie.

Next, let's make Dan and Cassie dance together.

Since you already built Cassie's dance moves, you can reuse the code for the other sprite.

To copy the stack, click on Cassie's code, then drag it over and drop the stack to Dan.

Next, take a look at Dan's program.

Wow, it's the same as Cassie's.

That was a lot easier than remaking the entire program.

Computer scientists call this reusing code and they do it all the time because it is easy and fast.

Click the green flag to run the program.

Now Cassie and Dan can dance together.

Do you notice something about the code for these two sprites?

It is exactly the same so both dancers are in the same spot.

You can fix that by changing the glide x and y values for one of the sprites.

Now it's your turn.

Try different x and y values in the glide block to explore how that changes how far and fast the sprites move and anything else you want done.

Choose an Add-On

Invite Friends to the Dance Party

Add another sprite to the dance party for Cassy to dance with.

Add and Change the Backdrop

Add new backdrops so that Cassy can dance around the world.

Do the Twist

Add a graphic effect that makes Cassy look like she is twisting.

Tell a Story

Add a story to your dance party using the "say" block.

Choose the Music

Add extra music to your dance party and allow the user to control the song that plays.

Bust a Move

Let the user turn the dancer by pressing different keys.


  1. Choose an Add-On, and click "watch" to learn how to build it.
  2. Once you finish one Add-On, try another one below the video!