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In this add-on, you will add a sprite that breakdances to the music your DJ sprite is spinning.

To get started, select a new sprite with multiple costumes to add to your project.

Here, you can see how many costumes the sprite has by clicking on the costumes tab.

Once you have a sprite with multiple costumes, switch to the code tabs to add the code to make the sprite dance.

To make the sprite dance, you can use any combination of move, glide, next costume, and weight blocks to achieve the look that you want.

In this example, the breakdancer will glide to the left, switch costumes, glide to the right, then switch costumes again.

To put the dance code, drag this sprite slightly to the left where you want it to glide.

Then, from the motion menu, drag out a glide one second to XY block.

The location where X and Y values are prepopulated depending on where you place the sprite.

To make the sprite change costumes, go to the looks menu and drag out a next costume block and connect that to the glide block.

Now, move the sprite where you want it to glide next and drag out another glide one second block from the motion menu.

Connect it to the block stack.

Now drag out one more next costume block from the looks menu and connect it to the bottom of the dance block stack.

Test your code by clicking on the block stack.


This dance looks pretty good, but you can dig it with the values to add other motion and weight blocks to make the dancer move any which way you like.

The make the sprite dance forever, drag out a forever loop from the control menu and place it around the dance block stack.

It's also a good idea to have your sprite start in the same spot every time the program runs.

To do that, drag the dancer where you want it to start on the stage.

Then, go to the motion menu and drag out a go to XY block.

Remember, the spot where you placed the sprite is now prepopulated in the X and Y values for the go to block.

You also need to tell the computer when to run this code.

Drag out a when green flag click block from the events menu and place it at the very top of your dancing sprite block stack.

Test the code now by clicking on the green flag.


The breakdancer moves with the music.

Now it's your turn.

Add a sprite with multiple costumes.

Use any combination of move, glide, next costume, and weight blocks to create the dance you want.

Place a forever loop around the dance blocks to make this sprite dance forever.

Give your dancing sprite a starting location with a go to XY block.

And lastly add a when green flag clicked event to the top of your block stack.

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