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To earn the Clone Crazy badge, create a sprit that clones itself when clicked, then does something unexpected.

For example when this sprite is clicked, she asks, how many twins do you want to see?

When the user answers with a number, (chiming music)

she puts a bunch of copies of herself and plays random notes.

To earn this badge, first add a new sprite to your Musical Talent Show program.

Then, build a code that will cause it to ask a question and clone itself.

The code you see here reads when the sprite is clicked, ask, how many twins do you want to see?

Then, wait for an answer.

You can have your sprite ask any question you want, but it should encourage the user to enter in a number, as a response.

For example, your sprite could ask, how many people like the music from Frozen?

Next, a repeat loop instructs the sprite to clone or copy itself the number of times it tells the user to.

For example, if the user answers five, then five copies of the sprite will be created.

If the user answers 50, then 50 copies will be created.

When a clone or copy is created, any code under the when I start as a clone block, will run.

In this case, using the go to block, causes the sprite to move to a random position on the screen.

After a clone is created and the code runs, the program waits for three seconds, then the clone disappears.

Check it out.


The sprite is copying herself, based on her users response to her question, but she doesn't do anything crazy.

To earn the rest of this badge, make your sprite do something unexpected, so each clone does something slightly different.

A good way to accomplish this is, to place the pick random block inside another block.

This part of the scavenger hunt is for you to figure out.

What do you want your clones to do?

Make sure to add your code to the, when I start as clone block, and before the wait and delete this clone blocks, since you want your clone to perform an action, before it is deleted.

You can make anything happen, but here are some ideas.

Have the sprite clones randomly change size and colors.

Make the clones change instruments and play random notes.

(chiming music)

Code clones to turn randomly in a loop, when they were created.

Or have them do something totally different.

Don't be afraid to try something new.

Now It's Your Turn: Add a new sprite, put the coach on the ask a question and clone your sprite with an answer.

Then add code to make your clones do something surprising.

This code isn't shown, so it's up to you to figure out and decide what you want.

Explore by trying different blocks and see what happens.

Once your clones are doing something unexpected, ask for your Clone Crazy badge.

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