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For the Energy Burst badge, create a sprite that moves all over the screen, makes a noise, and bounces off the edges when it is clicked. The sprite needs to move and make sounds at the same time, so you'll need two "when this sprite clicked" blocks, one to control the movement, and the other to control the sound. The movement stack should also use the "if on edge, bounce" block, but you can place any move blocks you want inside it. It’s up to you to figure out what works best. Remember to just keep trying different blocks until the sprite is behaving in a way that you like. There is no one right answer.

Include a "when space key pressed" and "stop other scripts in this sprite" stack in your program. This will make the sprite stop moving and making sound when the spacebar is pressed.

Now, it's your turn. Add a sprite. Use one stack with the "when sprite clicked" and "forever" blocks to control the sound, and another to control the movement. Include an "if on edge, bounce" block so your sprite bounces off the walls.

If your sprite moves and bounces off the walls when clicked and stops doing everything when the spacebar is pressed, then put up your sticky because you have earned the Energy Burst badge!

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Make the winning performer celebrate their victory!
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