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Now that users can cast a vote, a sprite can win the talent show!

In this example, as soon as a spirte reaches 5 votes it says, “Yay! I win!”

To make this happen, the program needs to know that a sprite has received 5 votes.

To do this for the dog sprite, for example, drag out an “if-then” block, and change the “if” value to “dog likes = 5.” On the “then” side of the statement, put whatever celebration you want to make happen when the sprite wins.

In this case, the dog says “Yay! I win!” then jumps. After that happens, the vote count resets to zero. Test your code. Click the button to vote for the sprite you coded for 5 times. The fifth time, the sprite should perform the winning action you chose, such as jumping and saying “Yay! I win!” Then, the vote count should go back to 0. Great!

Now it’s your turn. Make a sprite win when it receives 5 votes, and make it say or do something when it wins. Then, make the vote count reset to zero.

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