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When you watch a movie, you see the title and credits scroll up the screen.

Add the same type of effect to the start of your project, by creating title credits and making them change color and scroll up the screen to music.

First, add a new sprite to your project, by clicking paint a new sprite.

Use the text tool to write the title and credits for your project.

Use the paint editor to tinker with the font, text size, and colors until your credits look right to you.

Use a few different colors so that you can code the title credits to change colors, later.

Now, add background music that will play while your title credits roll.

To add music to your project, use a loop in either repeat block or a forever block.

You get to choose what sound fits your project best.

Pick something dramatic, sweet, or funny, you decide.

(mellow guitar strumming)

Use the blocks from previous days to make your music play.

Such as, play sound, play drum, or play note.

Tinker with your music until it sounds right to you.

(mellow guitar music)

Next, you wanna animate your title sequence so it scrolls up the screen.

Use familiar blocks, such as, when green flag clicked event, a wait block, and a glide to block.

Use the show and hide blocks to make the title credits appear and disappear at the right time.

(mellow guitar music)

Put in other codes that could change the look of the title.

Consider using a change effect block, or change size by block.

Tinker with the values, be creative, and make your title credits unique.

Different combinations of values and blocks will change the look and feel of your project.

(mellow guitar music)

(creaking of door) (bells ringing)

Now it's your turn.

Add a title sprite with the paint new sprite button.

Use Motion, Sound, and Look blocks to make your credits look, feel, and sound the wat you want them to.

And finally, make the title credits roll before the rest of your project begins.

When you're done creating this add-on, go into the other CS First tab to pick another add-on to build.

Choose an Add-On
Title Credits and Music
In this add-on, you will add title credits and music to your project.
Walking and Footsteps
In this add-on, you will make your Sprite look like it is walking across the screen.
Sound Editing
In this add-on, you will add cool sound effects to your project.
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  1. Choose an Add-On, and click "watch" to learn how to build it.
  2. Once you finish one Add-On, try another one below the video!