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In this add-on you'll animate a sprite for your music video.

First, add a vector sprite to animate.

Click on Add Sprite and choose any sprite you like.

Next, go to the Costumes tab.

As you probably remember from previous club sessions, animation happens by quickly changing a sprite's costume to a slightly different costume to make the sprite look like it's moving.

To make that happen, you need to create some costumes.

Right-click on your sprite's costume and choose Duplicate.

Clicking on the sprite once shows a big box around the sprite.

Everything inside that box is part of that single sprite.

Moving the box will move the whole sprite.

Click the Ungroup button and then click the sprite again.

Now there are smaller boxes around different parts of the sprite.

This allows you to move the separate parts individually.

Tinker with making the different parts of the sprite move.

You can move the parts of the sprite you want to animate by clicking on them, then move left or right to adjust the tilt of the drawing.

This is a great tool to use to make a sprite look like it is dancing, because it allows you to move the arms and legs of sprites in slightly different positions for each costume.

Make three different costumes for your sprite using the duplicate function.

Once your sprite has multiple costumes for dancing, you need to add code to make the costumes change.

Go to the More Blocks menu and click Make a Block.

Name this block Dance.

But naming a block Dance won't make it do anything.

You still need to add code to the Define the Dance stack to tell the computer what your new dance block should do.

Next, add blocks to make the sprite change costumes and dance.

Remember to test code as you build to make sure that it's doing what you expect it to do.

The code you build will make sure the sprite is showing, increases size of the sprites so that you can see it dance, but feel free to tinker with this value until your sprite looks the way you want it to.

Make the sprite move to the center of the screen to dance, change the costume 10 times with a short wait in between each costume change, or feel free to tinker with the value and the wait block until the sprite dance looks right to you.

And lastly, hide the sprite when it is done dancing.

Click on the Define Block stack to see if it works.

Cool, the sprite switches costumes and it looks like it's dancing.

Right now, the only way to make the sprite dance is to click the Dance block.

But you want the sprite to dance as part of your music video, so be sure to add a one flag clicked event, and a forever loop into the sprites code, if they aren't there already.

You'll probably want to add some wait blocks so that the sprite takes a break from dancing once in a while.

(upbeat music)

Now it's your turn.

Add a vector sprite and use the editing tools on the Costume tab to duplicate the costume and make slight changes to the new costumes.

Make a new block called Dance, then build a code to make your sprite dance.

And lastly, add the Dance block to a forever loop and have the program start when the flag is clicked.

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