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arrow_back Dizzy Sprite


In this add-on, you rotate your sprite to make it spin.

(jazzy music)

First, choose the sprite that you want to use.

This example uses the star.

When the sprite's selected go to the "more blocks" menu, and click, "make a block."

Name the block rotate, because when the block is clicked, the sprite will rotate over and over again.

Doing this creates a rotate block that you can select and automatically adds define rotate to your script area.

In order for the rotate block to work, you need to add the code that tells it what to do.

Go to the motion menu, and drag out "turn right 15 degrees block."

And attach it to the "define rotate block."

Every time you click on the stack, the sprite will turn a little to the right.

But you want the sprite to rotate over and over again.

To make that happen, place a repeat block around the stack.

You have now defined a rotate block, and the sprite is spinning.

But don't forget to actually use this new block in your project and tell the computer when to run it.

Use a "when flag click block" with a forever loop to make the sprite spin.

You can event use this block with the grow block your created in the previous screencast to make your sprite grow, shrink, and rotate repeatedly.

Now it's your turn.

Use the block you see here to make your sprite rotate over and over again.

But remember, you can always change the values in the white boxes to customize your sprite's movement until you're happy with the results.

Choose an Add-On
Dizzy Sprite
In this add-on, you will make a spinning sprite.
Color Change
In this add-on, you create cool color change effects.
Bounce Around
In this add-on, you will create a block that programs your sprite to bounce around the stage.
Dance Fever
In this add-on, you will give your sprite some dance moves.
Make Some Magic
In this add-on, you will create some sprite magic.
In this add-on, you will add a sprite with cool movement effects to appear and hide on the stage.
Background Change
In this add-on, you will switch up the background.
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  1. Choose an Add-On, and click "watch" to learn how to build it.
  2. Once you finish one Add-On, try another one below the video!