Add energy to your characters by animating their appearance.

Your characters can move in different ways to show how they feel, or do a dance!

How a character moves expresses how you feel about something you care about, and it helps others share that mood.

In Scratch, you can change a sprite’s appearance or “costume” to animate it.

Select a character to animate. This example uses the main character. Click the “costumes” tab. Your sprite may already have other costumes you can program.

If you don’t see a costume, create your own! Right click a costume and click duplicate.

Explore the editor tools to create a new look for your character.

Use the “next costume” block and a “repeat” loop to program your animation.

Whoooaa! Slow down your animation by adding a “wait” block inside the “repeat” loop.

Add a “when this sprite clicked” event to the top of this code stack.

This looks great! Consider adding similar code to other sprites in your project.

For a challenge, use the “switch costume” blocks between the “say” blocks to make your sprite react to what is being said.

Choose an Add-On

Start here
Speak Out

Make your character talk about the topic you’ve chosen.

Change Scene

Change the animation scenery by adding more backdrops.

Add Sound Effects

Choose or record sounds to accompany your project.

Include Supporters

Add or draw more characters who support your cause.

Move Around

Make your primary or secondary characters move to emphasize points in your story.

Question & Answer

Ask the audience a question and make something happen based on the response.

Add a Title

Create a title for your passion project so the audience can know what it’s about.

Change Costumes

Animate your characters by making them change costumes.

Make Some Noise

Make your own beat and sounds.


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  1. Watch the introduction video.
  2. Open the starter project link below and add characters and dialogue.
  3. Return to this page and watch more videos below.