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In this add-on, you will add more questions to your quiz.

There is only one question in the quiz, which asks the user, "Which do you prefer?" and the user picks between two options, You'll add more “outcome” pairs like this.

To start, select the outcome 1 sprite.

Duplicate one of the “outcome” costumes by right-clicking it and selecting "duplicate."

Click and drag this new costume above the blank costume.

Then, click the text icon and the text.

Change the text to say anything you like.

This example uses "tea."

The user will choose between this option, and the option you will create for the outcome 2 sprite.

Repeat this action for the outcome 2 sprite.

Select the outcome 2 sprite, click the costumes tab, and duplicate one of the outcome costumes.

Click and drag this new costume above the blank costume.

Then, change the text.

This example uses "coffee."

So, the user can choose between tea and coffee.

Quiz results are based on whether users select the outcome 1 or outcome 2 sprite more.

Right now, the user could pick outcome 1 and outcome 2 two times each, resulting in a tie.

To make sure the user doesn't get a tie, repeat this entire process one more time.

In this example, the user can choose between singing and dancing.

Finally,Make note of the number of costumes, then click the scripts tab.

In the "costume number equals" block, change the value to reflect the number of costumes that are now in your project.

This example has six costumes.

Click the flag to test your code.


You added two more questions to the quiz for the user to answer.

Now it's your turn: Add a new costume option to the outcome 1 sprite.

Then, drag this new costume above the blank sprite.

Repeat this process for the outcome 2 sprite, so the user can choose between these two options.

Add another set of options that the user can choose between, then update the value in the “equals” operator.

Choose an Add-On
Add Images
Program images of the characters to appear when the user's result is revealed.
More Questions!
Write additional questions for your quiz.
Design the Intro Screen
Put your own visual spin on the page that shows before the quiz.
The Big Reveal
Reveal the user's quiz results with an interesting effect.
Results Animation
Add a sprite that reacts to the user's result.
Make Some Noise
Add sound to your quiz.
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