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In this add-on, you will program the sprites to make sounds when they are clicked.

This video won’t tell you all of the steps, but it will give you some ideas for how to program it.

To start, select the sprite to which you'll add sound.

Click the Sound Effects Library next to this video, and check out the different sounds available.

If you find one you like, click download.

Then, from the sounds tab, click upload sound from file, and select the sound you downloaded.

You can also use any sound from the Scratch library by clicking choose sound from library.

Program the sprite to make a sound when it is clicked.

To play a particular sound, select it from the dropdown menu.

In this example, the image sprite makes a camera shutter sound when clicked and the color sprite makes the fairydust sound when clicked.

You can pick any sounds you'd like, and you can program the different sprites to play different sounds when clicked.

Now it's your turn!

Program the sprites to make sounds when clicked.

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Sound Effects
Add sound to your project.
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