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In this add-on, you will write and program a song to accompany your Time Lapse project.

To begin, click the sound menu.

There are many blocks in the sound menu that you can use to write a song, but this example will use a series of “play note for” blocks.

Drag out and snap together four “play note for” blocks.

Many popular songs are written in what’s called 4/4 time.

Using four “play note for” blocks will give your song a familiar rhythm.

Click it to try it out.

Experiment with a few different note values.

Using different notes will change the melody of your song.

Once you have a melody that you like, use a forever loop to make the melody repeat.

When two notes are played at the same time, it makes a chord.

You can make two notes play at the same time by starting another block stack.

Right click this block stack, and select “duplicate.”

Then, change the notes in this block stack as well.

If you test it out, you’ll notice that the two block stacks aren’t running at the same time.

Add a “when flag clicked” event to each, so they both start when the flag is clicked.

Continue to add as many sounds to your song as you’d like.

Experiment with the “play drum” blocks to find out what kind of song you can compose.

Now it’s your turn.

Add four “play note” blocks and change the note blocks until you have a melody you like.

Then, add a forever loop.

Right click and duplicate the block stack.

Finally, add two “when flag clicked” blocks to sync the loops.

Experiment with different sounds to make your song your own!

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