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In this add-on, you will draw and animate a sprite.

This sprite will take the place of Sprite 1 in the project.

To start, select Sprite 1, click the costumes tab, and select “paint new costume.”

Click "convert to vector."

Vector graphics are easier to modify and animate.

Using the tools in the paint editor, paint your very own CS First character.

This example uses a basic stick figure, but you can be as detailed and creative as you like.

Now that you have your new character, you can delete the cat costume.

Right-click the cat costume, and click delete.

To make the character look like it's moving across the stage, right-click its costume and click “duplicate.”

Click the different parts of the sprite, and move or turn them using the notches.

In this example, the sprite's legs and arms are each turned a little, but the body and face stay in the same place.

Click the flag to see the sprite switch between costumes and move across the stage.

This looks pretty cool.

Tinker with the sprite's costumes until you like the effect that is created when the sprite's costume changes as it moves across the stage.

Now it's your turn, Paint a new costume in sprite 1, then delete the cat costume.

Duplicate and modify the new costume to make the sprite look like it is walking across the stage when the program runs.

Choose an Add-On
Add Your Own Images
Upload images of your previous projects
CS First Star
Draw and animate a character who will talk about your CS First experience.
Scrapbook Page
Create a page where a user can write a message.
Bring Back a Familiar Character
Add a character from a previous project.
Add a Song
Program your own song!
Movin' Along
Let the user move the story forward.
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