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arrow_back Going through the Motions


In this prompted add-on, you will animate the pitcher to look like he or she is throwing the ball.

Click on the pitcher sprite, then on the Costumes tab.

The pitcher sprite has two costumes, one holding the baseball and the other after throwing it.

The ball sprite knows when it's about to move.

The pitcher sprite does not.

Make the ball broadcast when it is ready to move so the pitcher knows when to change costumes.

To animate the pitcher, switch costumes to the one that looks like the ball was just thrown and wait before returning to the previous costume.

Think about what blocks would make this happen.

Alright, here's the game plan.

Broadcast to the pitcher when it's time to change costumes.

Then, change costumes to make it look like the pitcher is pitching.

Choose an Add-On
Program a celebration for when the batter achieves a perfect batting average.
Over the Plate
Make the baseball look more realistic as it approaches or moves away from the plate.
High Score
Tell the batter if it has beaten the best batting average so far.
Going through the Motions
Animate the pitcher so it looks like he or she is moving.
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  1. Choose an add-on and click "Watch" to learn how to customize your project.
  2. When you finish, come back to the add-ons screen, and try another add-on!