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In this add-on, you will program the baseball so it looks like it is getting bigger as it comes at you, and getting farther away after it's hit.

First, program the baseball to look like it's coming towards you.

Objects look bigger as they get closer.

To make the baseball grow, go to the looks menu and place a change size by block inside the repeat until loop.

Be careful where you put it.

It has to be inside the repeat until loop, but outside the if block.

The ball should get bigger little by little, so put a small number in the change size by block.

Click on the flag to test it.

The baseball looks like it's moving toward you.

But when you hit it with the bat, it still grows.

That doesn't look quite right.

The baseball should only repeat growing until it touches the bottom of the stage or the bat.

Remove the touching edge condition, but keep it in the scripts area.

From the operators menu, drag out an or block and place it inside the repeat until loop.

On one side, place the touching edge condition.

Then, right click the touching color block and select duplicate to copy it.

Place the copy on the other side of the or block.

Reset the baseball size at the beginning of each pitch, using the set size to block from the looks menu.

Again, make sure you put this block in the right place.

Place it right at the top of the outermost repeat loop.

This block sets the size to a specific percentage.

Enter a small number in this block to start, so the baseball has room to grow.

This example uses 10.

The sprite will only grow until it hits the edge or the red bat.

Test the code by clicking the flag.

Wait, the baseball does nothing once it's hit.

That's because the sprite stops moving once it hits the bat.

To fix this, remove the if else statement from inside the repeat until loop.

Place it under the repeat until loop instead.

Now the ball will move and grow until it hits the red bat or the edge.

If the repeat loop stops because the ball touches the red bat, the number of hits will increase, and the ball will change direction to go back up.

Next, make the baseball move away after it is hit.

From the control menu, drag out a new repeat until loop and place it after the wait block inside the if block.

From the sensing menu, place a touching condition in the new repeat until loop.

From the drop down, choose the edge.

Place a move 10 steps block inside the repeat until loop.

Click the flag to run the code.

When the baseball is hit, it moves up until it hits the edge of the screen.

Finally, make the baseball look smaller as it moves away from you.

From the looks menu, place a change size by block inside the new repeat until loop.

To make the baseball appear larger, you changed the size by a positive number.

To make it appear smaller, change the size by a negative number.

Test this code by clicking the flag.

Now the baseball looks like it's coming towards the batter, and when the batter hits it, it looks like the baseball moves further away.

Pretty cool.

Alright, here's the game plan.

To make the baseball look like it's getting closer, add a change size by block after the move block.

Then remove the touching edge block from the first repeat until loop, and replace it with an or block, a touching edge, and a touching color block.

Move the if statement under the repeat until loop.

Resize the baseball using the set size to block.

Finally, make the ball look like it's moving away after being hit, using the repeat until, touching edge, move, and change size by blocks.

Choose an Add-On
Program a celebration for when the batter achieves a perfect batting average.
Over the Plate
Make the baseball look more realistic as it approaches or moves away from the plate.
High Score
Tell the batter if it has beaten the best batting average so far.
Going through the Motions
Animate the pitcher so it looks like he or she is moving.
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