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In this add-on you will keep track of how long the racer stays alive on the obstacle course and display the score at the end.

Open the sensing menu and find the timer block.

Click the check box next to this block to display the timer on the stage.

The timer counts the number of seconds since the flag was clicked.

To see how this works, click the flag.

Notice that the timer gets reset to zero every time the flag is clicked.

Now, you'll make the sprite say the timer's value when the racer hits an obstacle.

Select the racer sprite and add the timer block to your project.

From the looks menu, add a say block to your losing condition if statement.

Then place a timer block inside the say block.

Test out your code by clicking the flag.

Great, the sprite says the timer's value when the game ends.

But the score keeps changing if you hit more obstacles after the game.

To freeze the score, open the control menu and add a stop block to the end of the if statement.

Open the dropdown menu on that block and select this script.

Test your code again.

Great, it works.

However, your user might get confused because it's not clear what this number means.

Open the operators menu and drag out a join block into the say block.

This block joins two phrases together.

In this example, the join block will say your score is in the first half and timer in the second half.

Test it out.

Now the racer says your score is and the score.

This makes it much clearer to the user what the number means.

Make your block say whatever you want.

Alright, here's the game plan.

Make the racer announce the player's score using a timer block, a say block, a stop block, and a join block.

Choose an Add-On

Keeping Score

Keep track of how long a racer stays alive and display the score.

Extreme Tricks

Program your racer to do a cool trick at the press of a button.

Power Ups

Create a power up that shrinks the racer.

Crash Sound

Add a sound that plays when the racer crashes into an obstacle.


  1. Choose an add-on, and click "Watch" to learn how to customize your project.
  2. When you finish, come back to the add-ons screen and try another add-on!