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Have you ever seen players dump a sports drink onto a coach at the end of the game?

It's a much-deserved victory celebration, even if it's ice cold.

This add-on will animate a Gatorade shower on your favorite athlete.

First, unhide the Gatorade sprite and make this sprite follow your mouse pointer.

Then start the pouring animation.

Start the sprite stack with a when flag clicked block.

Make the Gatorade sprite follow the mouse using a forever loop from the control menu, and a go to mouse pointer block from the motion menu.

Place a wait block before the forever loop to wait before the sprite starts following the mouse.

Eventually, the Gatorade sprite should pour on the athlete, rather than just moving around.

To make this happen, use an if block with a condition that will make the sprite pour.

In this example, by clicking the mouse.

Each of the costumes required to animate the Gatorade shower exists in your program.

You can switch costumes between these using next costume or switch costume to blocks.

Adding a wait block may help timing between showing these costumes.

To make the Gatorade sprite stop following the mouse pointer, from the control menu, use a stop block after the sprite is finished switching costumes.

You may also wish to set the Gatorade starting and ending location using the go to XY block.

Try to find where to put each of these blocks.

All right, here's the game plan!

Program the Gatorade sprite to look like it's giving the athlete a Gatorade shower.

Have fun!

Choose an Add-On

Hot Seat

Make the user answer an interview question!

Photobomb (Challenge)

Program a sprite to pop onto the stage and interrupt the interview.

Gatorade Shower (Challenge)

Dump Gatorade on your athlete's head.

Flash Photography

Have fans take pictures of the victorious athlete.


  1. Choose an Add-On, and click "watch" to learn how to build it.
  2. Once you finish one Add-On, try another one below the video!