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arrow_back The Stadium Goes Wild


In this add-on, you’ll use cool effects in Scratch to make it look like the stadium is celebrating with the athletes. First, click on the stage to make sure you’re programming it, not the sprite. From the “looks” menu, drag the “change effect by” block into the scripts area. Click the dropdown to see lots of different choices to explore. Right now, it reads “change color effect by.” Click on the block. The background changes colors. Try a different effect from the dropdown, such as “whirl” or “fisheye.” Choose an effect you like. To make the effect keep happening, from the “control” menu, place a “repeat” loop around the “change effect by” block. Click on it to watch what it does. Tinker with the values until you find something that works for you. Try combining different effects. Pretty cool.

Reverse the effect by using the negative number opposite to the positive number you used, repeated the same number of times. In this example, the sprite changes the fisheye effect by 2 and the color effect by 10, 10 times. Duplicate the the block stack, and put a negative sign in front of each of the numbers. Test it. The background expands then contracts, changing colors the whole time. Great. To return the background to how it looked with no effects, from the “looks” menu, use the “clear graphic effects” block.

To clear the background of effects when the green flag is clicked, place this block before the “change effect by” blocks. Then, from the “events” menu, place a “when flag clicked” block on the top of the stack. Here’s the gameplan: Change the backdrop graphics by clicking on the “stage” then using the “change effect by” block. Repeat the changed effects.

Clear the stage of all graphic effects when the flag is clicked.

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The Crowd Cheers
Make the crowd celebrate your victory.
The Stadium Goes Wild
Add cool effect to the stadium.
Celebration Dance
Make the sprite jump and spin.
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